GenomeRNAi - a database for RNAi phenotypes and reagents

What is GenomeRNAi?

GenomeRNAi is a database containing phenotypes from RNA interference (RNAi) screens in Drosophila and Homo sapiens. In addition, the database provides an updated resource of RNAi reagents and their predicted quality.

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the GenomeRNAi database either by viewing all screens, by looking at frequent hitters or by choosing an example below

Genes: 841 , CTNNB1 , Pvr , CG9171 , FBgn0036141
Reagents: DRSC03504 , BKN25930
Phenotypes: regulation , decreased , Toll


  • GenomeRNAi v12 released 29 January, 2014
    This release features 168 RNAi screens in human, and 181 screens in drosophila, as well as a NEW functionality - overlay genes sharing the same phenotype onto networks in StringDB. GenomeRNAi is recommended data repository by Nature’s new “Scientific Data“ publication format. Looking forward to your RNAi data submissions! Europe PMC provides links to GenomeRNAi - check out the current list.

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Please cite: Schmidt et al. (2012). GenomeRNAi: a database for cell-based and in vivo RNAi phenotypes, 2013 update.